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Different Stressors at Work

27th September

Work is stressful, but it’s normal to feel overwhelmed all of the time, right? No! Your work environment doesn’t need to be a place of stress for you. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that your work stress isn ...
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Weight Management

20th September

Hypnotherapy is a very successful method of weight management. Managing weight can be difficult for a number of reasons. If you’re busy multitasking your work or family responsibilities and feel like you don’t know how to regain ...
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Corporate Hypnotherapy

2nd September

Hypnotherapy is becoming increasingly popular in both corporate and independent settings. Stress is inevitable, especially in the workplace. It is important to take the mental health of your employees into consideration, as stre ...
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Misconceptions of Hypnotherapy

19th July

Hypnotherapy is not the same as the stage hypnosis you may have seen in films, TV shows or magicians’ performances. Instead, Hypnotherapy is recognised by NICE and is an effective way to transform your mindset and decision-makin ...
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What makes us happy?

23rd March

What makes us happy?Do we collect things? Buy stuff and believe that the act of buying it or having it will make us happy?And if so, why doesn't it work for so many of us so much of the time?Let's start at the other end.To be happ ...
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How hypnosis has helped through the ages

15th January 2018

The great Russian composer Rachmaninov suffered a severe depression in the late 1890s after the failure of his First Symphony.  It was not his fault. His work was played badly; the rehearsals had been sloppy. As a result of this ...
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