How hypnosis has helped through the ages

Posted on 15th January 2018

The great Russian composer Rachmaninov suffered a severe depression in the late 1890s after the failure of his First Symphony.  It was not his fault. His work was played badly; the rehearsals had been sloppy. As a result of this personal catastrophe, Rachmaninov suffered a crisis of self-confidence leading to anxiety and an inability to work.

He sought medical help and was prescribed hypnosis and talking therapy similar to CBT. It was successful because Hypnotherapy removed the anxiety that was blocking his creativity and enabled him to find the calmness within himself that he needed for his work.

Rachmaninov went on to enjoy great success as a composer, concert pianist and conductor. In 1900 he began work on his great and popular Second Piano Concerto; film lovers will recognise the slow movement as the theme from Brief Encounter.

Interestingly, this work especially in its last movement is full of hypnotic sections; perhaps an endorsement by Rachmaninov on the success of the hypnotherapy treatment he had enjoyed.

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