What I Can Help With

Stress and Anxiety


Today’s lifestyles are stressful. We all need coping skills and relaxation techniques to manage stress. CBT hypnotherapy can give you a toolkit for life.

Stop Smoking


There are many different reasons why you might want to quit smoking: you might be thinking of your health long term, the impact on your family or the financial cost.

Whatever your reason, there are real benefits to quitting smoking.

If you want to stop, CBT hypnotherapy can put you on the path to think like a non-smoker and help you help yourself to change your lifestyle.

How does it work?  In a two hour session we will identify your trigger situations and you will learn relaxation techniques and positive coping strategies through CBT and hypnotherapy.

We also offer ongoing post treatment support and a follow up booster session is available at a reduced rate if required.

You would have your last cigarette before the session and we hold a “quitting ceremony” at the end.



We all need a good night’s sleep but why is it so hard to fall asleep and stay asleep?  Mindfulness, relaxation exercises and sleep hygiene techniques will give you the coping strategies you have been looking for and do not require the use of potentially addictive sleeping pills.

Phobias and fears


These are more common than most people think and are upsetting and restrictive for sufferers. Phobias and fears can include spiders, social situations, needles or the dentist; fear of flying, of driving on motorways or tests, exam nerves or medical procedures.

CBT hypnotherapy includes hypnosis, mindfulness, relaxation techniques and “desensitisation”.

Lack of Confidence


This can hold us back at work and in relationships. Assertiveness training together with hypnosis is for everyone; it helps us all to put ourselves forward with confidence when we need to do so without embarrassment or fear.

Public speaking and stage fright


Do you have a speech to make or a performance to give that you are dreading? Hypnotherapy can help you with confidence and relaxation techniques.

Weight Control


CBT hypnotherapy can help you with motivation and confidence to make the changes that you want to make.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)


Hypnotherapy can offer relaxation and stress reducing techniques to help manage the symptoms of IBS.

Chronic Pain Management


Chronic or long term pain is debilitating and can affect every part of your life.  Pain can make our bodies tense so hypnotherapy and relaxation exercises can provide coping strategies for everyday life.

Increase Sporting Performance


If you have hit a difficult patch then Alert Hypnosis could be for you. It will increase confidence and sharpen your focus.

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